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    • Description: : INDIA GYPSUM plasterboards are produced from high purity natural gypsum core being sheeted in a closely adhering best selected special cardboard.
      Plaster mix with some chemical additives into a high speed mixer is discharged continuously between a lower and an upper endless cardboard which passes over a forming table, cutting in requisite length, feeds into a dryer followed by trimming and wrapping of bundles.
    • Application: : Used in drywall partitions where fire protection and moisture resistance are required. Also used for protection of structural steel elements.
    • Characteristics:Covered with green cardboard on face & back side with black edge tape.
      INDIA GYPSUM Fire & Moisture Resistance gypsum wallboard is used as a covering material for interior walls and ceilings in residential and commercial applications that often require specific fire or moisture or both rated assemblies.
    • INDIA GYPSUM maintained water absorption below 10% according to the EN-520 Standards and give more than 90 minutes fire-resistance rating according to report.
    • Quality Standards: Plasterboards are produced according to:-
      IS 2095 - Part l, 2011,
      European EN-520,
      American ASTM C 1396 standards,
    • Standard Size: Length 1830/6’, Width 1220/4’,
    • Standard Thickness: 12.5 mm
    • Length: Length can be produced between 1800 mm to 4500 mm (6 to 14.8 ft.)
    • Special width of 600, 900, 1219 and 1220 mm are produced on demand.
    • Thickness: Boards are produced in 8.0, 9.5, 12.5, 15.0, 16.0, 18.0 mm as per demand.


    • Tapered edge board: This type is common and convenient to use. Paper tapes are fixed between the edges of two boards.
    • Square edge board: Untapered board with square edge. Also Beveled and Round edge boards are produced on demand.

    • Breaking Strength: According to pass EN-520 & ASTM C 1396 standards.
    • Water Absorption: Maintained water absorption below 10% according to the Standards EN-520 & ASTM C 1396 for Fire & Moisture resistant boards.
    • Also can be produced according to ASTM C-473 standard on demand, which is below 5%.

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